Introductory Vegan Course


This course will enable you to be confident and creative in cooking in the comfort of your home.  It is a 4 hour course and can be done in 1 day or broken up by arrangement.

You will learn:

  • Basic knife skills.
  • Simple nutrition.
  • Low fat, sugar and salt recipes.
  • 4 breakfast, lunch and supper recipes that you can confidently make at home.
  • A total of 12 Plant Based Vegan recipes you can affordably and easily make at home.
  • What new ingredients to buy to replace the unhealthy ones.

All ingredients will be purchased by Caroline and left with the host along with printed recipes.  This can be a 1:1 class. or a 'party' setting.  Additional persons will receive their own set of ingredients for each recipe at the same cost.  Maximum 7 people.

*Please respect our non-refund policy on all courses due to the purchase of bulk ingredients and booking of venues.