Hello and Welcome

Welcome to Caroline's Cookery School.  I love to teach plant based cooking Vegan and Raw foods.

My passion stemmed from watching my late Jamaican Mother lovingly cook a vast variety of dishes for a family of 8 while growing up.

I quit eating meat as a result of learning the digestive system in a Human Biology class at school.  I had an epiphany and have never turned back. This experience began my journey on creating vegan and vegetarian recipes supported by my Mother.

My interest in raw foods came about after reading an article on Imar Hutchins in the Vegetarian Times magazine in 1994. Again I began experimenting with raw foods, creating and adapting recipes over the years.

In 2011 I attended Karen Knolwer's first teacher training course and also completed a Certified Raw Food Health Instructor course in Atlanta.

'Teaching is one of the most effective ways of learning.  I have created courses so you, the learner can be a confident cook'.