Your kitchen is your classroom

When I was at school, Home Economics was then called Domestic Science.  Unfortuantely, many schools today teach Home Ecnomics, Food Technolocy, Food and Nutrition or whatever it's called today in secondary schools in the UK, just the baisc cooking skills and a bunch of cooking lessons.   The skill behind cooking is still taught but with the end result being the same dish from the same recipe given to whole class!  I was frustrated as this lacked students creativity and did not allow them to create interesting recipes of their own from the ingredients.  Recipes were modified to make it healthier by reudcing the amount of butter in a cake rather than omitting the fat altogher and using oil and using alternatives for eggs!  I know this because I taught it and have seen it taught this way in many schools.  

Children and adults I believe should learn how to create their own healthy recipes.  Teach them how to make a meal from ingredients like, a tin of cannellini beans, lentils and an onion and one had to cook a meal for 2 adults and 2 children!  Many would struggle or make a simple soup dish that was not very tasty.  Cooking is more than just following a recipe and producing a dish as an end result.  Many times I was desperate to leave the educational school sysytem to run my own creative, healthy cooking class (and did many times temporarily).   I have in my years of teaching 'broken the rules' by bringing in ingredients unfamiliar to my students and demonstrating with their participation, how to make scrambled tofu, a green smoothie and many other dishes, showing them what they could make with plant based ingredients (without them knowing)! Each time a student asked me, "Miss what do you eat"? I would use it as an opportunity to get creative and every time it was lip smacking delicious!